California Law on Poker Addiction

The State of California has one paramount concern about poker and other gambling games, especially in establishments: it is addictive. The State feels that any vice addictive to its constituent runs contrary to its aim of developing California in matters of health, safety, and welfare.

If a poker venue encourages playing up to the wee hours of the night or morning, then it may be deemed illegal by the California law on poker addiction for encouraging an unhealthy practice. If the venue also encourages smoking and drinking in excess, or has untidy surroundings and toilet facilities, then the State may have to penalize the owner or close it.

If the venue is unable to control the violent temperament of its gambling addicts and brawls or fights are frequently reported, resulting to disturbing peace in the vicinity, the State may have to act decisively against it. In fact, any threat posed by any poker or gambling event to the welfare of the community will be deemed grounds for a government closure action.

Harmful gambling will never be tolerated or supported by the government of California in any way, including American poker. Addictive poker will never be presented or encouraged, much less sponsored by the State as an entertainment or leisure for kids, and especially for families. But there are some provisions in the law to still have poker and other gambling games an option for a hobby. Poker has to secure the approval of the State through the processing of a business license or permit.

California law on poker puts emphasis on the role of the Gaming Board in enforcing its policy on licenses and permits for gambling. The board sees legitimate gambling as those under the supervision and authority of the law. Once under their watchful eyes, it is deemed that poker and other gambling games will not end up being addictive. Moreover, such gambling will be regulated and checked better for abuses and harmful effects, especially when addiction to poker seems becoming apparent.

Home gambling is not exempted from these regulations. As long as it complies with California law on poker and gambling---same with other poker venues---it's safe. If not, imprisonment or a 5000-dollar fine awaits the offender. The main thing is to keep everything in consonant with keeping the health, safety, and overall welfare of the people of Cailfornia.

California law on poker is to keep people from falling into the trap of poker addiction and from ruining their minors and families.