Even International Poker Tournaments Can Be Illegal

Poker tournaments are fun and challenging. They allow us to pit with others from different parts of the world. But even international poker tournaments have to be checked for legalities.

There are yet global laws to be made to regulate or prohibit poker worldwide. But, unlike online poker tournaments, table poker open tilts are done in certain countries where certain laws on poker and gambling have to be regarded. Online poker tournaments are held in cyberspace, and no one country can lay claim to it. Thus, online poker tournaments are easier to organize and the risk to any law violation is null.

Don't take the tournament's organizers' word for it. To be sure, before signing up for international poker tournaments check their legality with the authorities of the country where they are held. Posh hotel or resort venues can often take away our attention to legalities and permits for the poker event. And then we might find out too late that nothing in it has the government's approval. And that would be a big hassle. It's difficult to be in such straits when in a foreign country. So watch out.

An example was the first Amalfi international poker tournament in Italy. It was held in a classy hotel in Amalfi, Italy, said to be one of the stunning hotels in Europe. Many participants came from various parts of the world. However, in the middle of the event, Italian police came to raid the hotel because the international poker event was illegal. Just imagine the shock of the guests and participants. They were all embarrassed and had to wait in line for expense refund. The whole trip was ruined.

Sometimes we think that just because the nature of an event, in this case a poker open, is international, everything is legal and taken care of by the organizers. We must first check with the organizers and the authorities.

Remember, there seems to be a worldwide move to step up strictures on every amusement game---even online. So be it a local or international thing, make sure it is legal poker that one is playing. Check with the authorities with regards to even home poker. Some countries require permits even for this leisure poker.

And poker tilt organizers should never be negligent about legalities especially of a gambling event. More so when international players are expected to participate.

International poker tournaments are exciting events, but let's not be too carried away by the excitement. Let's check everything.