Washington Law on Online Poker

Washington came out with a law banning not only online poker and other gambling games but also sites on poker information. The law's effectiveness remains to be seen as methods of detection and apprehension are still to be effected.

Some things remain unresolved in this recent Washington law on online poker, though, like the question on why include information sites in the ban, even those which has nothing to do with betting. But the state seems firm in its insistence that betting or none betting, anything on poker and gambling online is unlawful and prohibited. It is something like in connivance. When somebody is proven to be an accessory to a crime, the person is deemed guilty of the same, as though the person has directly committed it.

Thus, providing any information on poker online is as good as promoting and advertising poker gambling, more so when links are provided. The idea is that pointing a person to a poker room and helping and encouraging him to gamble is much the same as having a direct hand in poker gambling. It's comparable to a person termed a subversive just because subversive materials have been found in the person's possession.

The worse news is that such offense is deemed by Washington law on online poker as a serious crime. So gamblers and gambling hosts should now beware. Poker online rooms and information websites are now serious crimes in Washington. Even newspaper columns on poker and similar gambling games are not spared. The Commission on Washington State Gambling advices newspaper poker column writers and publishers to do away with anything on the card game.

The obvious conflict here really is Washington's law against poker information dissemination, and not so much poker gambling itself. How can the law be enforced without infringing on the basic freedom of speech and the right to information that the world has come to relate with America? The second is, how can the state regulate conversation in cyberspace without violating some wire tapping law? The right to private conversation---and that's what happens in the Internet---must never be violated.

Accordingly, the sponsor of the law, Senator Margarita Prentice, has not been available for comment or interview on the topic. Many feel that she has an obligation to explain the pertinent points of such law and to be questioned by the constituency on the same.

Washington law on online poker is the first attempt to curtail America's best online card game.