Why the Need to Play Legal Poker?

Why we need to play poker legally seems pretty obvious---to avoid prosecution by the law. But do we need to travel all the way to Vegas just to enjoy a hobby? What can be more enjoyable than a hobby we can do anywhere? And enjoying legal poker should be one such hobby we can have and play with friends and family everywhere in the US and in the world.

Many American States tolerate enjoying legal poker in the confines of strict privacy where little wagering is concerned. New York is a little stern on even this, but there are ways to get around it and make poker legal. The key to this is: keep things simple. All American States prohibit any form of organized gambling, especially with the use of a gambling establishment that earns from the activity.

Poker is first and foremost a hobby. It has features that sharpen the wit and other mental skills like making mature judgment and decisions, discipline, self-mastery, and others. Poker also stretches the imagination to see the beauty of adjusted mathematical sequences. Other hobbies give the same benefits and they need not much effort to be proven legal. So why can't we enjoy legal poker like that?

The good news is, we can, as long as we keep poker a hobby. A little betting to keep the "kick" of the game is a good thing, as long as we keep the bets and everything within the law's prescriptions. A hobby is not meant to be a source for daily sustenance or a get-rich-scheme overnight---like stamp or coin collection which are all done for the sake of pure enjoyment. Such hobbies also involve some sort of "bets" when one buys a coin or stamp that is deemed to gain some value over time.

Big-time gambling with poker is when greed and covetousness are on the rise and winning becomes the priority than the fun derived from the game. In fact, it is when poker messes up its mental benefits so that poker players often come out of the game stressed out, ill-mannered, and frustrated. It is when the fun is taken out of the game, ceasing to be a hobby and degrading as a vice. Ironically, it tends to disorganize a person when the game becomes "organized."

Hence, the best option is to keep poker simple, bets or no bets. Make it as comfy as any home amusement and legal poker will always be enjoyed safely.