New York Law on Poker: Yes to Poker With a Heart

As far as the State of New York is concerned any poker game, casino, home, or online, is illegal if it is not regulated by the State's racing and wagering law-making body. So, can one still enjoy this kind of poker?

As long as what we have is a game of chance and there's money at stake in it, the New York law on poker says it's illegal. No matter if it's small-time, played just for the sake of fun, played in an extremely private setting, or the betting is ridiculously low, so long as it is a betting game, the State prohibits it. If there is any complaint against this, the State Racing and Wagering Board takes care of it.

But there's a way to circumvent the ruling and make it legal under the New York law on poker: register. But don't get it wrong---this is as far as home poker, and other pokers with a heart, is concerned. They need to be registered with the Board. But where casino poker---or anything similar---is concerned, the State says no. Take a plane to Vegas and spend big-time poker gambling urges there.

Light poker types like home poker, poker for fun, poker for a cause, and the like, is allowed by the Board as long as the stakes take the following forms:

As long as the nature of the poker sessions is for a worthy cause, the Board approves of it. A worthy cause is when the proceeds go to worthy undertakings which include educational projects like a projector or LCD, books for a library, computers, etc. Another possible worthy cause is religious in nature, like a church building or project.

The Board also approves of a poker session or venue when the proceeds from such go to State infrastructure projects like state memorials, public works, or public facility repairs. These may include monuments, park improvements, and route repairs, among others. A project for the benefit of war veterans is also a good cause for a poker game. Often, these causes capture the imagination of people and get a lot of support. Proceeds from this set up can be so overwhelming that casinos would be put to shame by the revenues earned from it. And this way, everybody comes out a winner in a sense.

New York law on poker is stringent and makes sure that nobody ends up being addicted to the vice, but enjoying a hobby for a good cause.